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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Orts From Irrational Central

I came home last night & crawled into bed. Not to sleep, but to rest, and somehow give my brain a break from the day/week. It wasn't quite as nuts as last week, but somehow that stress accumulates (even with treadmill time) and I had hit the wall.....

1. We moved offices at work. Same building & all, but my boss moved up to a corner/windowed office, and I went into his office. Kristin went into mine, and our other team member went into the one next to Kristin. We all have tall walls now, not that it changes the travel of sound since none of the walls go to the ceiling, but hey - I got a ton more space, and I also moved all my stuff in the space of a few hours.

.... I just deleted Ort 2, because you know, sometimes you just can't write it all down, but let's just leave it at Moving is Stressful.

3. Auntie Karen sailed through her procedure this week & things look good, so that was good news to hear. Fingers crossed that everything comes back just fine!

4. The heat has finally abated a bit - which will be welcomed by every resident, I think.

5. My childhood home/farm has officially been sold.

6. After hearing me on the phone yesterday, JWo was in a place of wanting to help & fix. He even offered to come into the office to help me organize my office (since that was some of my stress & I was hearing only criticism instead of humor at that point) Instead he went to the grocery store last night, and then to Gates. Ribs can soothe the irrational beast, and they did.

7. Speaking of beasts, we watched Sexy Beast last night, and what an odd, but interesting movie that was. Usually when I watch a British movie, and the accents or dialects are thick, I have to put on subtitles for the first ten-twenty minutes or so, until my brain starts connecting the sounds to the words. (I discovered this when watching Gosford Park. Worked like a charm!) Since we watched this movie On Demand, I can guarandamntee you I only hear about half the dialogue correctly. Except for when Ben Kingsley was saying, "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" or conversely, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Liberal use of the words "fuck" and "c*nt", perhaps even astonishingly so, and from me, that's saying a lot. I did, fortunately, get the gist of the movie, and liked it, despite having missed key points (I thought they were in Australia, fortunately the Wo heard "Spain" and corrected me.)

8. I'm off to pick more tomatoes. I don't have an extensive to-do list for the weekend, and I'm glad. I moved on to Clue 6 in the MS3 last night, which means -woooooohooooo- second-to-last-clue and then I'll be on the last clue & then this will be DONE! It's been a great learning process, with the first and foremost lesson being, in lace? If you make a mistake? It is not the end of the world. Not at all. In fact, I have gotten pretty good at spotting & catching myself being off in the pattern, within two rows of the error, figuring out where the mistake is, and fixing it. My culprit is the elusive yarn overs that sometimes get slipped or forgotten, so fortunately, those are pretty easy to fudge.

Have a good weekend!


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