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Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Stand Corrected

So, we've watched the Power of Ten, because there's really nothing new on, and everything we're DVR'ing right now is interesting only to us individually, not collectively (soaps vs. poker!), and one of the questions was what percent of 100 American women say they've had a fantasy about a firefighter? And the Wo said something high, and I picked something very low, and it WAS very low, under 20%.

But we just had a big ol' fire alarm here at the office? And I may need to revise that number. We got not only one fire truck, but TWO, including the one with the big ladder. Loaded with beefy men in heavy suits (I felt bad for them given the weather). Carrying big poky things, oxygen tanks, and other rescue paraphernalia. Hubba hubba! Though my favorite part was when the first truck pulled up and Kristin WAVED AT THEM. Heyyy-Oh! (They did not wave back.) Our office was not on fire, but only a small number of us actually left the building. I believe I chirped to one of the firemen in charge that we were "the survivors", and I meant it more like we WOULD be the survivors because when danger comes, we step out. I've deduced from their rather stony demeanor that they're really not receptive to a lot of banter. Or waving.

In other randomness, we had one hell of a thunderstorm last night. I was convinced lightning had struck our neighbor's cars, because it was all so BRIGHT and LOUD and wahoo-wake-ya-up-screaming. Turns out, it hit our big pin oak, and I drove right by it without even noticing! Because I'm the O.F. (Original Fogbanks). I was too busy looking at all the rubbish on the road, both from the storm & trees, and then those irritating plastic baggies with sales pitches & rocks in them that IDIOTS throw on your driveway, and I really, really, want a good form of recourse against them, like pressing charges for littering. Or a public flogging. Whichever. Anyway, Wo noticed it and left me a message & I'll be getting a picture of it for posterity. Hope the tree survives, it's a beautiful oak.

To complain about the heat would be redundant. It's just miserable (see, I can't NOT do it.) The dogs were synchronized-lounging last night on the tile & wood floor, because it was the coolest place to be, and they were stretched out to maximize the coolness. I left them with frozen beef bones this morning, so they'll be busy on their meatsicles for the day.... And that's it! Stay cool!
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