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Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Pulling This Merry-Go-Round Over, RIGHT NOW.

I'm hearing the sharp, tinny sounds of a carnival in the background as I write this.
(Not really. Let's not cart me off for hallucinations. Yet.)

However, I am about out of rope this week, and as I ponder the length I have left, I start to think about using it to its maximum potential, which usually has the goal of bringing the madness to a screeching halt.

Man, the madness has just flown in from multiple directions - work, life, my head - and I actually had someone declare something my friend & I did (To my face!) "Stupid". Wow. I felt a few feet of rope slip right through my hands, but then I pulled it back. And when I say "pulled it back", I mean, I wasn't going to let it go. Use up more rope. I responded. Not swinging, but firmly, and I don't think this person EVER has other people do that to her. Wow. It was not comfortable. For me, or my friends, and I don't think for her, either. But I'm learning this week that there are people who don't even come close to responding the way most of us do in similar situations. BECAUSE THEY'RE BATSHIT CRAZY. Or just different, whatever.

ANYhoo, we're having our annual fish fry tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. We've got a lot of cleaning to do between now and tomorrow, but it'll be fine, and we'll have a lovely time with friends and family, we'll confront :another: table full of tomatoes at some point, and the merry-go-round music will take on a fuller, robust sound, with less flats and sharps and grating. Even though I get riled up, more and more I see the longer view, which is that the road you are on is still your road. You walk it today, tomorrow, you walk it next week - deity willing -
and things move on. Staying stuck and putting in land mines or digging holes isn't progress, it's distraction.

So, let's see. Now I have how many metaphors going on? Yes, 1) Merry-Go-Round (Insanity of Life), 2) Rope (Patience, Wisdom), 3)The Road (Life's Journey and 4) Theme Music (the Soundtrack of Your Life). I think that's enough of a mix for today. I'm excited to do some knitting this weekend, make some progress on MS3, and begin something new and exciting. And in the next couple of weeks, I'm also going to start designing a sweater for JWo, to wear when he goes hunting. I've gotten some awesome advice from Ravelry, and given the old-timey Fisherman sweaters' ability to stand up to fierce conditions, I'm waiting for a book I ordered to arrive and help me make the sturdiest sweater I can so he'll have many happy hunting seasons in it. (His won't be cabled and such like the Aran sweaters, but the construction is what I want to see.) It's new! It's a challenge, and I'm excited to try out my puzzling mind on something different. Same old round-n-round can drive a gal wonkers, eh?
Happy weekend, peeps.

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