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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Whack-A-Mole Time, All Da Time.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, when I get stressed, I either shut down, or my Dictator Gnome takes over. Today, DG shoved the more peaceable gnomes out of the way and sat in the big chair. We had a rep meeting/lunch that was supposed to happen, and then a series of phone calls took place - the first two involving someone I don't know yet asking if his boss could ask me some questions, and then being put on hold for five minutes. The lack of organization (and being on hold, twice, when THEY called ME) sent me into orbit. I called the rep I did know and said we weren't going to do this lunch today. Turns out, that's what they wanted to do as well - BUT! - the process was enough to turn me into Jentilla The Hun. There's just too much work going on to jack around and put people on hold - when YOU called them in the first place! He kept calling back, too, and said we'd gotten disconnected. I said, NO, I hung UP on you. He didn't even comprehend what had happened.

I had a rep leave me a message about a month ago who fell into the "Too Stupid" category. (I surmised he was calling from his car, with his car door open/keys in ignition? Because the background was filled with an insistent dinging, so loud I could barely hear his message.) Then, when I returned the call, he didn't know who I was, why he'd called me, and this was followed by a long pause and "Can I call you back in a minute?" Which ended up being an hour. And he thought I was in Grandview. (No.) And wanted to come over that day. Hi, ah, NO. He then (somewhat hopefully) asked if our offices were by "Blonde", the wannabe exclusive nightclub. Ah, no. I'm not really sure how some people fall into this business. (They're in every business, I recognize this.) I just am continually amazed by the people who seemingly walk under suspended pianos on a daily basis and emerge unscathed, unwitting, unknowing, and sometimes even successful! I shake my head. And whack the moles. Some of them are really, really stupid, and there's nothing that gets my dander up faster than stupid moles. My gnomes have a 100% zero tolerance for stupidity. Faster and faster they come, but I? Will not be vanquished.
I might need to upgrade my whacker, though. Mine's getting a little worn after all these years.


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