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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Seriously, And Not Just Because I Am From Iowa, Where The Only Thing That We Had On The Fourth of July Was Sparklers, Seriously, Is This Necessary?

It is 11:49 p.m. on July 4th, and I am just about ready to become one of those SUPER crazy people and take my shotgun outside and shoot it up in the air. Two nights in a row of 'Nam flashbacks and war zones surrounding the house, with all the personally-purchased fireworks, things we would have to drive to town to see set off in the middle of the softball field. My father telling me people get their hands blown off ALL THE TIME from firecrackers. (Envisioning how that'd curtail the following year's festivities and LIKING IT.) I am telling you, no matter how long I live here, the firecrackers and the booming bomb thingies, it is all CRAZY. I do not understand it, all these firecrackers at an up-close (to the house!) and personal level were never part of my formative years, and it all sounds like gunfire to me. Which does NOT spell "yee-haw! good times" to my ears.

If we hadn't had all this rain, I'd think we'd need to start soaking the quilts and covering the roof. (Whilst wearing a bonnet!)

This wet blanket's going to bed. I hope everyone around me does soon, too!
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