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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time Shifting

I've noticed that I've had absolutely no time for my usual mid-morning/noon blogging. Damn work! Gettin' in the way and all! My pre-work mornings have been spent plodding on the treadmill, watching the back episodes of The Office. It's the perfect 20-minute walk, and I usually bark-laugh at least twice per episode. I think the big reason I couldn't find it funny when it started was because I was still so uber-bitter about the Previous Employer, and nothing related to Previous Employer was entertaining, it only served to give me something to sharpen my teeth & claws on. Like little shots of vitriol, or um, bamboo shoots under the fingernails. Plus, the Wo doesn't find it very funny - probably because he doesn't work in an office? Or it's just that one little pie-shaped area where our humors don't mesh. I Can Has Cheezburger is a perfect example of another resident on that pie slice. Not all of those posts make me laugh, but some? Crack my shiznit UP, and he just throws his hands up in the air at me, befuddled. Or else he tries to imitate it, hoping for a laugh, and he only succeeds in sounding like Jar-Jar Binks. We-sa no-sa needs-a thatsa! (Which also sounds like something Michael from the Office might try to say, in an attempt at humorous leadership!)

So the knitting: A finished Bathtime Blossom washcloth!
Bathtime Blossoms

The start of the Monkey Socks!
Monkey Socks!!!

Monkey Pants?
Gnome Thinks They're Groovy Pantaloons.
Edward thinks they'd be groovy.

And a shot of the Sea Silk - oooooooh, droolness. I had to rip it out b/c I goofed on the pattern, and I also had to switch needles. The first set of needles were way too blunt.
Sea Silk - sooooooo soft & gorgeous.

Lest you think the garden somehow went on hold - oh no! We have tomatoes! First ones of the season. I expect these represent the tip of the iceberg....
First Tomatoes of the Season

That's it! I gotta go make up for frogged knitting now. And finish cleaning up the guest bedroom! Aunt Karen arrives tomorrow!

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