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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knits! Life! Thanks!

I have a couple finished objects.....

The Emperor's New Scarf (pattern by Lucy Neatby) is done! My gnome approves.

Cozy Gnome

I'm teaching this as a class at The Studio in August! I'm also teaching a class uh, next week, so I have to get that store sample done, pronto! (It's a bath cloth, short rows, and it's half done - in linen, one size zeros...)

I also finished my Opal Flamingo socks, and my gnome REALLY liked these:

Gnome in Disguise

We went out to the Stitch-N-Pitch on Sunday and had a great time. Sunburns for everyone, a big win for the team, and I'm actually going back out to the stadium tonight! I'll probably be even sweatier. Yay!
Me taking a self-portrait/inclusive pic:
Kansas City Stitch-N-Pitch

Kyra, Beth, Jimmi, Lissa (in the row behind leaning forward):

Kansas City Stitch-N-Pitch

Kristin & Justin:

Kansas City Stitch-N-Pitch

We all had names on our sleeves, and numbers on our backs (I was "11", because THIS knitter goes to ELEVEN! - just like my old blog tagline, all of which was, of course, in homage to Spinal Tap.) You will not be surprised to see my knitname:

Kansas City Stitch-N-Pitch

I figure after some of the stupid drama in our knitting group, it was perfect.

Thanks to everyone for the comments, well-wishes & thoughts sent my way, especially this week. My dad would be amazed at the number of great, caring people I have in my life. And a little thankful, I think, that his only child didn't end up all alone in the big world. The day before he died, just hours before I got the phone call, telling me to come home, hearing the last words he truly spoke to me, I wrote this post. I still remember the feeling inside, of crumpling, falling finally underneath it all - even before the phone rang. And you? You were there. You came through. You helped. And you haven't left me. Thank you again. I found this post because I wanted to find the words I couldn't remember, the poem about hope. If you don't click through, here are those beautiful words, one more time.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
-- Emily Dickinson

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