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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Coronation....

I'll be getting my tooth crowned this afternoon, starting around 2:30.

As I said in the dark last night to the Wo, "This is one of those yucky adult things you just have to do & get through it. I've been through worse."

Bleah! Being a grownup sucks! Why did we want to grow up so fast? So we could drive? Leave home? Party all the time, like Eddie Murphy sang?

I nearly cried last night, because I started thinking about another person I know, (who doesn't read this blog, so y'all don't know her), but she is facing some really serious grown-up shit, and my toothy worries pale by comparison. I looked out my window at the back yard, bathed in the light of the Blue Moon, and I thought of her, and how her whole world changed from one visit to the doctor, and everything she'd planned got more than knocked down, a tornado came through and flung her Jenga tower and future right out the window. I don't often pray, and I'm not a religious person, but last night I prayed for her to find her way & to find some peace. I know a lot of people (who DO read this blog) who also need some of that good mojo, and I wish it for you, too, and for me, and most of all for people like this friend, who remind me that as much as I bitch & complain and fret and worry and wring my hands over one tooth, it could be a whole. lot. worse.

So I leaned over and hugged my husband for good luck and to remind him how loved he is, and how happy I am we have this life together, and then he made me laugh because the suggestion of me sleeping like that sent me into a claustrophobia seizure. That's me, that's us. Always trying to find some laughter, in the darkness. I'll share more about my friend once I can, but for now, I hope my eyes-squeezed-tight-shut while thinking-good-thoughts will reach her & help in some small way.


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