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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Simply SMASHING, My Dear!

Let's see...
1. Forget coffee on the counter, check.
2. Forget to run dishwasher before leaving, check.
3. Use identically-shaped eye pencil in place of lip pencil and MARVEL the entire time that it doesn't look like it normally does (pale lavender instead of burgundy.)Check!
4. Forget to She Laq eyebrows, have them disappear by lunch. Check.

So I'd say today's been a bit rocky. At least (and my co-workers breathe collectively in relief) I got dressed and wore shoes. We must celebrate these things, because as evidenced by the above list, I could literally show up one day disheveled, un-caffeinated, no eyebrows, purple lips, and dirty dishes waiting at home. Without a shirt. Or worse, pants.

Off to my client meeting! No eyebrows, but have resumed the caffeine intake & my lips don't look like I'm freezing/drowning. Carry on!

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