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Thursday, May 17, 2007

From the Front Lines of Life

This is a little different than your standard "Random Orts", because it includes lessons? And I only have two of them. Welcome to a new segment here at Passion Knit.

1. When eating couscous that has been re-heated, and seems to be rather hot? It is not a good idea to BLOW ON IT. Unless your couscous is drenched in a sauce of some sort, you will send countless micro-orbs of pasta flying, like pollen on the wind, only in those nature shows, there's a point to it all. In your house with the couscous, it's just a mess.

2. Consider the two-cent stamp and when you, and everyone else in the United States of America is going to need one or twelve. Going to the post office the day after a postage increase - no matter WHAT you tell yourself - is not a good idea. I told myself, "Self! We are going after the lunch crowd, it's late and therefore it will not be crowded!" and I told myself, "Self! We will use the machine to buy stamps, so there will be no waiting in line!" And I did not count on the fact that fourteen other people had the same brainiac idea about going late, and I did not count on the fact that the post office - despite having stamps for sale at the counter - would choose not to refill the stamp machine with the two-cent stamps, and instead spend time taping a sign over the slot that said "SOLD OUT". Lovely. So into the line I went, and let me just interject that every post office I go to in this town has a certain - how do you say? Je ne sais quois. Let me invoke the French when I cannot find my own language to express myself. The Westport location is exceptionally colorful. I had braced myself for the panhandling homeless, but once inside found myself sandwiched between a woman who wanted to talk (and touch) the man in front of her (they did not know each other) and an older Asian alcoholic man. You ask how I would know he was an alcoholic? Well, let me just say that when most of the people I know drink, you can smell it on their breath. People who drink heavily and daily exude it from their pores, and his pores were on High Exhaust. So as I braced myself (and my nose) against the Southern Winds of Dispomania, I watched & listened to these two hippy-dippy wannabes talk trees, vegetable stamps and her fawning attempts to touch his extremely dangly earring. I finally got my stamps and fled. ZOIKS! I can really only conclude one lesson: Plan Ahead.


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