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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something About Being A Princess, A Crown, Mutter, Mutter......

Yeah, I'm a self-proclaimed princess. My dad called me princess my whole life. So I guess it's only fitting that I get a crown, right?


Have to admit, I was hoping for something more along the lines of precious metals and jewels (which, I suppose is still possible if I get a grill), but indeed, I am destined for a crown of the porcelain nature. Sigh. My dentist showed me the crack in my tooth (going from the inside outward), and it did look pretty bad. (My liberal arts training right there, who needs to study all those books.....) He was a bit on the fence, it was right at the minimum (or maximum), depending on how you look at it, but in the long run, I'd be risking a root canal, and those cost more than crowns, are more painful & have a greater exposure for infection.
SO! Crown it is. Someone, somewhere, in a lab far, far away, is crafting me a custom-fit crown for my molar, and I'll be getting it installed early June.

My jaw is nice & sore today, from the drilling out of the old cavity, and of course having a syringe the size of an ice pick inserted into my lower mandible. I have remnant stress, too, from tensing my muscles. Good times! I feel like I'm entering the phase of life where all we do is shuffle from one specialist and medical situation to the next. You know, the phase that happens right before DEATH. At least I've had three nights of cough-free sleep! But my doctor still hasn't gotten my new prescription phoned in, so I'm trying to reduce my stress and not skyrocket my blood pressure. Jesus. I'm seriously one step away from talking about bursitis and heel spurs, aren't I????

In any event, the sun has reappeared for at least a short time, and I think everyone in town is just a smidge happier because of it. We were seriously getting close to flood levels of yesteryear, and the Weather Channel has been having calf upon foal in our area, what with the tornadoes and rainfall and flooding. I don't want to speak for everyone (but I will), when I say that I think we all just want a little normal right now. Just a day or three. Normal, level everything. Weather, health, gas prices, general human interactions. I'll truly just settle for the weather right now, and if anyone can make that happen, it's Jim Cantore. C'mon Jim. Thousands are counting on you. I'll even make you a weather crown.
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