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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Day Is No More!

OMG, I declared today dead at 5:15 today. I am so tired. I worked through lunch, went to a meeting that went an hour longer than anticipated, didn't get the dogs to the vet, sent James to meet me at the vet (I was still in the meeting and could not tell him I was not AT the vet), drove on I-35 from Olathe (lots of traffic), called CVS to inquire as to whether they had my new prescription or not, they said "No", my eyes shot laser beams, but it was 5:05 and my doctor's office was closed, two minutes later JWo called (no longer at the vet) to say CVS just called and that they were filling my prescription right now.
Until I got to CVS. I could see through the bank-teller-bulletproof glass that pandelerium had broken out. Baskets were being emptied (multiple baskets), paper bags being pawed through, and I continued to sit there while my helper person disappeared from my line of sight. Finally he reappeared with a "Sorry 'bout that" and I ascertained that they had just filled my prescription while I sat there burning gas at $2.89/gallon. I ascertained this from the "NU WAITING" at the top of my bag. And from the wait. Then, crazy beyotch from probably Olathe came up behind me, HONKED, and then backed up from the drop off lane to pull into the full service lane, and I could see she was on her cell phone the entire time and frankly, I was so tired and spent from the day I actually yelled, "HANG UP YOUR GODDAMN BARBIE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION!" and of course she had no clue because we both had our windows up but I could see her magenta moto taser phone and she was an idiot and I needed to label someone at that point.

I came home and had triscuits and potato salad for dinner. Oh yes. TOGETHER. Like a dip. And a pot pie. And pink lemonade. Because even if you're staring a dead day right in the face, pink lemonade makes it a little bitty-bit better. And then I shredded things. Destruction with the shredder is therapeutic. However I jammed a check card somehow and had enough sense to just STOP because I had the shredder apart with a letter opener jammed into it (all while the thing's still plugged in) and some gnome woke up from his pink-lemonade-and-carbs stupor and finally shouted, "HEY! Bad idea! You've shredded enough for one night!" Now I'm waiting for the Shield to come on so I can watch Vic Mackey shred it up and then I'm collapsing in bed.

17:15, I had to call it. This day? Dead. Natural and unnatural causes. We shall try again tomorrow.

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