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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Butterscotch Stallion Is A Drag Queen.....

yes, when you have an insane day, and eat triscuits and potato salad for dinner, it is only inevitable that your nighttime of dreams are filled with the most random frothing of a storyline.

Owen Wilson was on trial, Law & Order style. So much so, it was confusing everyone in America, because was it Real? Or Reality TV? Even my subconscious makes a statement. Anyway, he was found guilty (of what I do not know), and he retreated between the verdict & sentencing to his favorite drag queen club, a four-story walkup in NYC, which happened to be right next door to where I lived. We became the BEST of friends, and I brought him drinks during a show (we were sitting together), and he had the biggest Shirley-Temple curls (because he stayed in drag to remain incognito!) And he was quite beautiful as a woman, and he was also gay. Given the gossip about Owen Wilson & his self-proclaimed Butterscotch Stallion status, and then his general physical appearance, I'd say the whole gay-thing and gorgeous-as-a-woman-thing are going to remain only in my dreams.

He did such a good job with his makeup! And we knew he couldn't go to prison, so I had to help him escape and just before that happened, I threw a police officer through a window & we found all kinds of money in the walls of the club. It was quite a movie-in-the-making, that dream.
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