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Friday, May 18, 2007

We're Losers & We Like It That Way

Last night, our local Ad Club held the annual "AdWars" trivia contest. A year ago, we came in second to last, so we didn't hold out any wild hopes of first place, but we DID set a goal for ourselves to get to third from last.

Sadly, we came in last place.

It might have had something to do with all the free beer. People at our table grew increasingly distracted (setting fire to the chopsticks, for example), and it was more a group gathering with chatter & laughter than an actual competition.

Losers at the trivia, Winners in Life. It was a lot of fun, and earlier in the evening, I started to get warm & assumed, as usual, it was FLSS (Fat Lady Sweating Syndrome), but several of my tablemates also confirmed it was unusually warm in the room. Right after that, a chipper young thing came up & asked me if I had bought my raffle tickets yet. Never missing an opportunity to negotiate for what :I: want in life, I said, "Hon, if you can get the a/c turned on? I will buy raffle tickets from you."

Off she scampered. And within a few minutes returned to tell me they were locating the thermostat & taking care of it. So I bought $10 worth of tickets, shortly thereafter, we felt the air kick on, and I felt it was worth the ticket price alone. But don't stop there - I later actually won THE one thing I wanted - a gift box from Indigo Wild - filled with 9 different soaps! Zum Yum, baby! I was quite happy, and apart from being hungry, the night was a true success. (If you're starting a party at 5:30, you simply have to have enough food to constitute "dinner", otherwise you end up with a table of shrieking drunks. Just a handy little Martha tip for party planners everywhere!)

That said, the food was quite delectable. Little slices of fried beef & chicken legs from En Chamas, which had just been reviewed in the paper & sounds freakin' awesome! Then there was cornbread & chili from another place, and they ran out of cornbread AND the little beef slices in half an hour.

Also, at some point in the evening, I became the table's Sue Johanson, which was simultaneously amusing and uncomfortable. Must be because I was the oldest person at the table (by a few months, but still.) I had to make a phone call to the Wo to look up a definition & then had to hang up abruptly because we could have been disqualified (even though my question had nothing to do with the ad trivia!)

All in all, a fun night with co-workers & it made for some amusing chatter today as well. One other person won a raffle prize - Queen's Greatest Hits - so I'll have to roll that through the iTunes rotation sometime today. Because We Are The Champions, my friend.


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