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Monday, May 21, 2007

Blammity Blam!

I am taking out things on my to-do list with the vengeance of a gun-slinger who knows she only has 48 hours to live.

Wait, that sounds frightening. I'm not dying. I just have a LOT to do, and it's made me extremely anxious, so the best coping mechanism I know is to start systematically taking things out, one at a time. Blam! Blam! Kerpow!

Our dinner Friday night at the Capital Grille was truly lovely (and delicious), though I am not sure if it was something I ate, or a bug that I caught, because ever since, I have been in the throes of what you might call "stomach flu" or "lower GI distress" or "Did you drink the water in Mexico?" Good lordy. I am not a happy camper and so I find that just sitting very, very still is the only coping mechanism I know. I've taken every over-the-counter medication possible with little-to-no success. I'm not going into any further details because, as our friends from A Mighty Wind say, that's dessert talk.

Oh, and I have a client meeting and I'm all uber-casual cool, with a lace wrap top & jeans and FLIP FLOPS because I have to show off my bright blue toenails. Guess who forgot she had a client meeting today? And is still in the process of doing laundry? Why, you are all so smart, look at you pointing at me. Silly Jen! Did it again! But my boss said I would be fine as long as :I: was comfortable, given that the office is somewhat swanky. (Where we're going. Not ours.) Listen, buddy. I get insecure like everyone, but I will rock the flip flops. And maybe even work in the longtime goal of using the word "crackwhore" in a meeting. It's called going for broke. BLAM! Cross it off!


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