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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

I have got to change my ringtone, because last night was the finale of "24", and for the past however many weeks, my cell phone ring has been the phone ring for the lines at CTU. I love saying, "Oh hang on, Jack Bauer's calling." Of course, I only say that to the Wo, and he tolerates it, albeit with an eye roll.

I came :this: close to downloading Chewbacca last night, and had it been louder, I would have. Chewy cracks me up, probably because on the rare occasions Suzy talks to us? She sounds exactly like a Wookiee. I think I get more entertainment just listening to the 800 different ringtones - and the drawback of listening to so many is that I'm so distracted & torn I can't actually decide on one.

Meanwhile, work has turned into a cornpopper overnight. Industrial movie-theater sized popper. I have a rep who is twenty minutes late for our scheduled meeting, and I'm about ready to tell her (and her boss) to just pack it in and leave if/when they ever freakin' show up. I can be late, but you can't. It's an EXCELLENT rule in my kingdom. I won't do it, because there's also always the chance I have the time wrong!

So, I realize with my Chewbacca discussion, and the Warp Speed subject line, I'm mixing sci-fi metaphors like a cocktail, and probably violating 14 different codes of the genre. But I feel like I'm traveling at Warp Speed, and yammering about everything I have to do in the language of the Wookiees. RRRRRNNNNHHHHHHH.

Tell me what your ring tone is, too! I could use suggestions.
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