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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I had a mini-revelation in the Sun Fresh parking lot: Today? Today, I am letting EVERYTHING GET TO ME!

Bad drivers on the commute in - I yelled at several.
More bad drivers at lunch - scary!
One delivery vehicle in our parking garage - ON CRACK! Or Meth or something equally damaging. Bad news!

Mean bitchy lady at the Sun Fresh who looked me up & down like who was I to put my cart in her same stratosphere: Go directly to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect Free Parking money. As I got around you, I actually said out loud, "Because you ARE the only one in the store." Not loud enough for her to hear, because frankly, she looked like a person who would run up at you from behind and pull your hair, and honestly, I've had enough hair loss from all the stress & just. don't. need that.

However, I'm also having a good day! I went to Indigo Wild before the Sun Fresh adventure, and had a lovely time. The staff there brings their dogs in to work, and as I was leaving, it was Dogs Outside! Time, and there was a cavalcade of four-legged furballs running around the parking lot. I picked up a couple of gifty-things & then something that's new called "Magic Stick". Of course, now all I hear in the soundtrack of my mind is Fiddy-Cent .... I got the magic stick....(I don't think that song is about a stick, per se, cough, cough.)

OK, that was my quick update. I'm embracing my sensitivity to EVERYTHING (Wo, you've been warned) and I will just put a li'l Magic Stick on anything that bothers me!
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