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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ripped From The Funny Pages......

I have my set of comic strips that I read religiously. Get Fuzzy, & Pearls Before Swine are my top two, and then I pretty much hit the rest of them, reading the ones I like, scanning quickly to avoid even making eye contact with the one strip that will certainly follow me straight to hell where I'll be forced to proofread and catalog the entire collection: Family Circus. Less dangerous, but still quite uninteresting, I don't read the soapy strips - Brenda Starr, Mark Trail, and I'm not much for the same joke over and over, which I deem to be Beetle Bailey or Wizard of Id. I read Dilbert, and it doesn't usually make me laugh, laugh genuinely, not in that wincing OMG my LIFE! sorta way - or at least not the way Bucky or Satchel or Pig & Rat do - except then you get one that reminds you of universal truths in the working world, and I give you today's as proof:

Welcome to Tuesday!
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