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Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Happy Orts.....

-Our boss shut the office down at 2:00 today. I heard him, I thought, saying, "Go home, we're closed!" and I started jabbering aloud (which is how we all communicate with each other, and it is why the IT developer wears his headphones frequently) "Did he just say the office is closed? Huh? Did he?" And then he came over and confirmed it, and I think Kristin shrieked a little. I might've even gotten a little RennFesty and Huzzah-ed. Woo hoo! Everybody's workin' fo' the weekend! I got my red bandana on right now.

-I could've stayed & worked like mad, but since that's what I've pretty much been doing all week, it was nice to just chuck the piles & files and tear out to recharge. And wear a red bandana.

-So, speaking of letting go of indignation, and pride comething before the fall and all, I had lunch yesterday with a former co-worker & found out that she'd had some lengthy chats with a person in-the-know about the state of affairs in my old department. And I mean in the KNOW. And she told said person that she never really knew much about the department, but that everything she did know had come from me. Anyone who's read this blog for over two years knows exactly what THAT narration must've sounded like, and I recall many of the conversations my friend referenced involved the phrase "LOONEY TUNES" because my paranoia (justified) and anger (justified, but damaging me) and despair (inevitable) were triggered on a weekly basis. And Person In The Know? Said "She (meaning me) was right on." Sad but true. I think I'd have reveled in the statement a lot more in the wake of leaving - now it's just nice to know I :wasn't: as crazy as they tried to make me feel/seem, and that I have a job I truly enjoy, and work with people who are just as nutty and creative and exuberant as I....

-For the first time in three days, I actually remembered to She Laq my eyebrows on, so I was able to express my joy more....expressively! With raised eyebrows! Like I said, if I don't she-laq 'em, they just fall right off my face. My eyebrows aren't bushy or dense or dark, and they need powder or pencil to really be noticeable. But those things also rub off, and the only fix I've found that works is She Laq. It's spendy stuff, but I pretty much only use it on my brows, and in a year only used half a bottle. (Since I rarely forget to use it, it sees pretty regular usage, too.) I've read reviews of people using it on their eyeshadow & being frustrated by it making their eyelids stick - here's a handy tip: Keep your eye shut after you She Laq the makeup on, and if you have a cold shot button on your hair dryer, use it to help speed up the drying process. THEN, apply a small amount of eyeshadow powder OVER the She Laqued lids, and you won't have the sticky lids. And your eyeshadow will seriously stay on all day & night until you wash it off. I love makeup, can ya tell?

-Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers are on sale at the local Price Chopper, and eagle-eyed shoppers will note the "$1 off seasonal items" coupon on the display. Since the wine coolers are 2 for $5, and you can use two of those $1 coupons, dude, that's like a four pack for $1.50. I don't really frequent the wine coolers, but that was too good of a deal to pass up! However, I have noticed that on the last two visits, the checkers have entered my birthday year as 1910. I am SMOKIN' for 97, let me tell you! I think it's their easy handy-dandy number when they don't need to card you, but still. 97?

-Three! Day! Weekend! I am reveling in the nothingness. Sleep, look out. You are going to be doing some overtime at the NuWo household! Have a safe & happy weekend, wherever you are & whatever you're doing!


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