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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Foodie Fotos

Last night, we had homemade pizza for dinner:

Homemade Pizza

I usually make the dough from scratch, but since I'd bought extra bread dough for the calzones I made a few weeks back, I thought, hm, I'll just thaw that & try it out. It was pretty good - it wasn't as pliable as my dough, and I like the chewiness a fresh yeast bread has. That said, I loaded it up with spicy sausage, vidalia onions, black olives & mushrooms, and it was quite yummy!

On Memorial Day, I made spring rolls.

Spring Rolls
These are a lot of work, and I still have a long way to go on learning how to roll them as well as they do at my favorite Thai & Vietnamese haunts. I also made homemade peanut sauce, um, quite a lot, so we utilized that for lunch the next weeked over noodles & some broccoli thrown in for green goodness.

We had quite a few leftover rice noodles, so the dogs got those, and of course we had to have a little fun with 'em - here's Suzy looking scary, but in reality, just driven to get the dang noodles off her nose & into her mouth....

Rice Noodles on Suzy

Dudes, it's lunchtime & with all these photos of food, I'm hungry!

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