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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hi! With Gusto!

Well. Today was a big ol' day! Super Duper Busy with work, and then a quick lunch trip to the Studio to drop off my Emperor's New Scarf for the class I'm teaching, to discover that the Handmaiden shipment had come in!

Kyra & I were like kids in the candy shop, at Christmas, with no glucose issues. It was lovely. Thirty skeins of Sea Silk, and eleven skeins of Lace Silk, all in a variety of colors. The only thing that allowed us to maintain an ounce of restraint was the fact that there's another shipment coming in, from Fleece Artist. Bless Cindy for listening to Kristin & me, and ordering the yarn. We promised her she'd sell it, because the stuff is so fab. (My fingers are crossed that our prediction will come true, but I think all anyone has to do is take one look at the stuff, followed by a squeeze, and SWOON! BaM! You're on the floor with three skeins in your hands, never letting go.) If I could have justified a skein of the lace, it would have followed me home as well. So, so pretty. Silk is just so stunning, the colors are so rich. I'm honestly a little afraid that nobody will bother taking my Montego Bay Scarf class (Scroll about halfway down the page to see the pattern. Do sign up, it's in July!), they'll just snatch up all the Sea Silk they can carry and scurry off to a screened-in porch with a pitcher of lemonade and some shortbread and we'll never hear from them again. (Yes, my paranoia combines with an extremely active, vivid imagination.)

I'm just excited to get the scarf sample knit as fast as my chubby little hands will let me. Then I'll be back to my Monkey Socks, which are the equivalent of crack to the sock knitting community. I'm totally behind on this trend, but then, when aren't I these days? I'm always off in a ditch somewhere, distracted, and then I clue back in and shuffle a little further on down the road. I was stoked about doing a picot-edge, and marveled at the simplicity and beauty of it all, but was still hesitant about the pattern - peeps, I started these on Saturday, and I'm on the 5th repeat of the lace pattern. CRACK. Set these next to a tub of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby and you have two powerful forces in the universe, singing a siren seduction song in two-part harmony.

Forgive the manic-level of this post. I announced to anyone who would listen this afternoon that I was as fried as a mushroom at Jess & Jim's. (They're really good there. So's the baked potato.) I didn't really have lunch, and I think that's why all these food references are horning in on the knitting action. I must go home. To get the house ready for company, to have dinner, and to uh, what's that? KNIT! (Well, wind yarn first.) Then? KNIT! With gusto!


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