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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Short On Everything...

I'm running from work to an after-work par-tay, and I was trying to think of something fast (and engaging, and clever) to blog about and really, the only picture I got in my mind was of the wee little dude, years ago, who came charging out of the gate at the American Royal, clutching the side of his sheep as if his life depended upon it. And kept that little hand raised, cowboy-style, even as most of him disappeared behind the side of said racing sheep.

I found this great picture here, by photojournalist Wendell Phillips, who pretty much captures the essence of what this week feels like. Meeting after Meeting after Meeting. Work piling up like chocolate on Lucy & Ethel. Commitments, phone calls, errands, laundry - the list, it never ends! And it's appropriate for me, you know, to cling to wool in times of stress. I'm hesitant to plaster his picture on my website since I don't have permission, so I trust you to click on through......
Gotta go - about to be late, something I excel at!

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