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Friday, June 15, 2007

Just Pay The Lady At The Counter

Here is your Friday Smorgasborg! And the first thing on the menu is, Firefox's spell-check thinks I should change "smorgasborg" to "orgasming" or other variations! HAH!

Let's just set the tone with that and go from there!

Last night's Media Mix awards were longish, but the end of the evening was a lot of fun. And, as I work towards collecting cameraphone pictures of me with every weather forecaster in town, I am pleased to announce I have bagged one Don Harman, of WDAF, who is as squirrelly in person as he is on the morning show.

This is me sneaking up on Don. I was willing to settle for this if he turned out to be aloof and haughty and made a break for it, though he is about my height & with my extra poundage, I'm pretty sure I could take him down:


This is my picture, which sadly was not taken with the Canon, but instead with my Nokia phone, and it gives you more an Impressionist perspective of my meeting.


However, despite being ambushed from behind, he was very pleasant, if not a little confused when I explained that having our picture taken would take me to THREE in my odd collection. (Katie Horner & Bryan Busby being my other two. Gary Lezak? Buddy? I'm telling you. I have connections at your station and it's merely a matter of TIME. And in mentioning Gary, I just increased my hits for people inquiring about whether or not Gary's gay, one of my more popular Google search terms. People. He is. Leave him alone!)

So then I happened to discover last night, after coming home, showering, and going down to attend to laundry (remember those lists?) - a leak coming from the main floor bathroom. The Wo investigated this morning & immediately called a plumber. So I cut my day short at work, brought some work home, and met Mr. Rooter's employee Jake, who was quite puzzled by the leak. Having had a friend go through some recent plumbing adventures, to the tune of a small used car, I was rather fearful. But Jake discovered it was one piece with a hairline crack in the shower valve, and after installing a couple of temporary caps - just like me & my tooth! - we're good to go until he gets the part in and can come back out to fix it. He assured me it won't be crazy expensive, but who knows what the scale is on which he calculates "crazy". For me, "crazy" runs a gamut, especially if purses or yarn or shoes are involved. Alls I know is, he spent an hour here today & there was nothing to pay until the job was done. And the Wo and I get to share a shower for the next few days. Which puts me closer to the laundry, which means I'll get it done faster. SILVER LININGS people.

I'm ready for some lunch (i love lunch) and for the weekend to start. I have to keep checking my email & phone just to make sure the ranch doesn't catch fire, but I'm ready to not be racing from one thing to the next to the other to the back to the front up and down pump it up, pump it UP!

Jen's Smorgasborg of Life. $5.99 + tips.
Happy Weekend, peeps.


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