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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hi, So, Um, Yeahhhhh......

Oh mah god. It was like a little calm? And then another storm. I think it's the whole "meetings" thing that gets me off my game, more so than a pile of work. Because it's not like paper doesn't stop shooting out of the pneumatic tube when I'm not at my desk! (Dude. I totally don't have a pneumatic tube, and if I did, they would probably disable it, because I would be constantly testing the Power of the Pneumatics, and dropping things like Goldfish, Werther's Originals, and pencils into it, to see just how well it worked.)

Let's see. I have some random orts, but I have no idea if I'll remember 'em all, because my brain has been tempura-battered, put on a shish-ka-bob, and fried beyond recognition.

1. Greatest line ever, last night: "What do we need a big-screen tv for when we got two pop cans an' a dog?" Because I was half-torturing, half-delighting Polly with two empty Fresca cans by rattling them like maracas in her general direction. She is skittish around the unfamiliar, yet she understood on some level it was ok, and playful, so she was leaping around, and curling up her nose more than I've ever seen her do, EVER. So I couldn't stop doing it. GOOD TIMES! But I'm not canceling cable anytime soon.

2. Hm. Wonder what they were. OH YEAH. I am one of the lucky, who got an account on Ravelry, and Kristin reminds me fairly regularly that I am not using it to its greatest potential. And then I feel guilty, because it's like driving right on by the homeless and so I have tried to step it up. One of those steps involved making EVERYONE MY FRIEND. At least everyone who has a blog that I read, and is on Ravelry, and then some folks who are knitting cool stuff and then some other folks that the Ravelry Wizardry kept suggesting I be friends with, because of our shared interests and whatnot in colors and patterns and so I added a lot of people and felt a little crazy doing it. But also a little crestfallen when people didn't make me their friend back. So really, one wee lesson is that high school/elementary school never leaves us. BUT, I am older, and a smidge more Teflon, and so I trundle along and whistle and never you mind that those are my underpants being thrown around on the school bus because I'm grown up now and I CAN BUY MORE.

3. So you probably want to know what that underpants reference was. That's a good post in of itself. Now that I wrote about in passing, I'll do the full story, this week. Promise.

4. It's not the only embarrassing underpants story involving school buses. Sigh. You think I bought my Teflon at the store? Hmmm? I EARNED IT, through fire and blisters and underpants stories.

5. It's hot and I hate it. The only way I can be on the computer upstairs is a Fan Trifecta - window fan, big fan behind me, little fan blowing at my head. Which makes my eyes dry out like nobody's bidness.

6. I listened to some classic Dr. Dre today (when I wasn't in a meeting, doing that in a meeting could be problematic...Yes, this is Jennifer & she fancies herself a GANGSTAH).... anyway, the music brought back some fond memories of my dear friends Liz, Ashley & I totally head-bobbing to it on full blast as we pulled into the company picnic. Sometimes my parallels to Michael Bolton (of Office Space, PUHLEEZE) are far too real for comfort. Though speaking of the OTHER Michael Bolton, I once pulled a cheesy, dramatic, eyes-shut hair-blowing hands-gesturing-upwards-passionately full-page b/w photo out of Entertainment Weekly & put a note on it that said "Michael Bolton Is My WORLD!!!!" and hung it outside another analyst's cube at the big agency I worked at in Minneapolis. The beautiful thing is that she didn't even notice it for days. I still get a little high-pitched giggle inside when I remember that one.....

Well, that's pretty good for not remembering half of what I wanted to say. God help y'all if I ever get it all down at once.
Yo. Up wif Teflon. Down wit' bitch knittaz. An shorties. Scrubs. Whatevah.


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