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Monday, July 02, 2007

....and I shouted, "I ATE GOAT!"

....upon returning to the office from lunch.

I'm adventurous with limits. I like to try new things, but I'm also a flippin' princess about what I do and don't like. I can be exceedingly timid, and I usually sail right by the "Goat Curry" on the Taj Mahal buffet. But I took my IT co-worker there for lunch today, and he tried a small spoonful of everything. So after the first go-through (wherein I declared, "Nope. I can't do it.") I decided to nut up* and take a tiny piece of goat. With bone. (I'm also reeeeally not a gamer for meat on the bone IN sauces, soups and whatnot.) It wasn't bad! It wasn't awesome and I'm not running out to the GoatMart or anything anytime soon, but I'm glad I tried it. After all, the selling point to me for that buffet is that you can sample a wide variety of things without committing to an entire plate of any one thing. And whatever was in the vegetables? Lit me up like a Roman Candle. Holy Toledo. The crazy thing about the spices is that they have a slow build, but the crescendo is enough to make your eyes pop out of your head. And after four bites in, you're screwed, there's no turning the spice bus around!

The best part about dining there is the bottomless cups of chai tea..... iced or hot..... yummmmmmmy!

Oh, yeah, and the best part of my week? I'm only working two days. And since one of those days is half-over, dude, that's even LESS time! I have already fooled myself into thinking I'm turning 40, so it's great to re-correct myself and adjust to turning 39 on Friday. From what I hear, many people remain 39 for - well - years and years!

*Can girls nut up, technically? I think so. I just know it's more a boy-term, but I catch myself saying it in my head, so it applies when I'm applying it, I guess! You know me and the tautologies. I just told Kristin, "I believe what I believe!" and two weeks ago I declared, "All we can do, is what we can." I am a walking bumpersticker machine, friends.


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