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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OH MY GOD. I am speechless.

So instead, I will let you read the words of my husband, in two emails:

Not that you didn't know already...
but our former plumber is an idiot! Dude gets here...says the faucet is not a kohler, but a price pfister. Calls to get part at 80th and wornall...will be back here in a few minutes and the deal will be done.

Followed by this email 20 minutes later:

$130 and 20 minutes of work and we're back in bidness.

I think each & every co-worker here should thank me & their lucky stars that I do not have the airhorn here today, because that is about the only expression I could convey right now besides a string of swear words and happy spluttering. Joy and Rage! Joy being dominant! I have a shower again! Which means tomorrow! I get to use my Celebration Soap! (I will explain.) (I always do.)

It almost makes up for the fact I have to re-start my Mystery Stole #3 because I am such a loose knitter and it is not working on #2's. Arrrrrgh. Celebration Soap! Shower! Focus on the Good Things! YAY! Trying not to remember it's taken almost 4 weeks to get here and it could have been solved on day one ..... ohhhhh kay woooosahhhhhh celebrate good times and showers come on! YAY!
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