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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My goodness. This has been a nutty day! Business and busyness, and lots of things floating & flying through my head.

But I did have lunch with my good friend Kyra, and she gave me a birthday present to beat the band: AN AIR HORN. I've never had one before. I've never used one (well, I have now! Out the window of her car! Look out, Kansas City!) and I really only first saw them used in the movie Jackass, and like several things in that movie, the time they were hiding on the golf course & blasting the air horn as the golfers were trying to swing & hit the ball? That elicits the high-pitched uncontrollable giggling from me. Now, honestly, I have no idea what I'm going to use this airhorn for, except I think it would be a good self-defense weapon, given how loud it is. My goodness. I didn't warn Kyra I was about to honk it and I thought she was going to leap out of her skin. (The car was parked, people, I do have :some: sense.) I really like the idea of anytime I hear something I don't like, just responding with the airhorn. Wouldn't that be fun? For instance, like, with the FUCKING PLUMBER. That would have really come in handy, actually. "It's going to be another week for a different part." MEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, take that, douchebag.

So! Speaking of the plumber, when last we left this story, he was supposed to come to our house on Friday at 3:00, to replace the part that had been ordered once (wrong part, but it took a week) and the re-ordered (still not quite the right part but he thought it would work, took almost two weeks), and then I got a voicemail on Friday that said he needed to talk to me because this second part maybe wasn't going to work the way he thought it would and we needed to discuss options. So I called him back, at 2 p.m. No answer. Left a message. Raced home from the dayspa, and waited for our appointment. Nothing. Didn't show. Apparently I was supposed to deduce our appointment Was.No.More. when he left the "This part ain't gonna work" message. In fact, I think he is from the "I live a long way away and I don't want to drive down in traffic" school of thought. I officially handed the situation off to the Wo, who is in full Enforcer Mode now. He talked to the plumber yesterday, who told him he needed to order ANOTHER new part, and it would be next week sometime. (!!!!!) Oh! And that he :wouldn't: be charging us for the re-stocking fee on the wrong part, normally we'd have to pay that, but no, he's that good of a guy. (Eyebrows SINGEING OFF from the flames.)

We have a new plumber coming tomorrow. The other one can play with all his wrong parts, and wonder what's going on when we don't take his calls (like he didn't take mine over the month, when he was dodging the job.) That is if he remembers to call us.

And if he has the gall to show up on our doorstep?

TOOOOOOOOOT MEEEEEEEEP Allow me to introduce you to my leetle friend, motherfucker.


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