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Thursday, July 12, 2007

OH my. What a day, what a week!

I think it sums it all right up when BOTH Kristin & I are talking about needing booze before the day is over. Not that either of us are big drinkers. But stressful it was today. Again, everyone just be grateful about the airhorn not sitting on my desk.

I did, however, start the day with the aforementioned Celebration Soap!


It's from Indigo Wild, one of my favoritest places & companies here in Kansas City. The women who own the place are dog-friendly, somewhat crazy (it's a compliment, I'm crazy, too) and the products are awesome. I bought this um, well, like SEVERAL weeks ago and this morning was the first day I got to get my shower back & so I used my soap. It's vanilla-orange, despite the patriotic colors, and I suppose if someone wanted to wash my profanity-laden mouth out with soap, I would choose this one. Or the lavender-mint. Their Magic Stick is, indeed, magic? And it has magical properties that make Suzy go crazy. JWo put some on the chigger bites (center of my back! Awesome place for a giant bug bite welt!) and within seconds, Suzy was following me around the house, trying to get at me and lick me. Cracks me up! It was delightful to have my shower space back, and the Wo will gently tell the idiot plumber where he can put his (still wrong) part.

And, right before I got to work, I heard "Lady" by the Commodores, and that put me in a good mood. I didn't care WHO saw or heard me dancing & singing along. More and more, slowly but surely, I feel myself morphing into Kathy Bates' character in Fried Green Tomatoes. Specifically, her really bitchy scene in her car in the parking lot.

Peeps, it's almost Friday. I have re-started the Mystery Stole, and am already feeling better about the smaller needles and the new beads. I will (fingers/toes crossed) finish the monkey socks this weekend, and have some progress accomplished on the lace. Then, next weekend? Will involve sewing. Lots and lots of sewing. At least two very specific things. And I'm writing it here so I don't forget (I do that a lot, just tilt my head ever so slightly and POOF! SLOOSH! There it goes, right out the side and into the ether.)

I leave you with a shot of what continues to be the kitchen table.... We're drying tomatoes to make Tomato Confit, from Chez Pim, which is a site I randomly discovered and I am in uber-awe of her palate & experiences; he's canning hot mix right now, and we've got loads more tomatoes begging to be canned! It's definitely summertime at the NuWo's......

'Maters, 'Maters Everywhere.....

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