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Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

I don't think I've remembered my "blog-iversary" since I started blogging... July 15, 2004. Three years o' writing, and wow, haven't some thing changed?! Big life changes, job changes, love, death, and the world keeps on spinning.

We spent the weekend at the lake, at James' grandparents' home, with most of his family making it down for the weekend. Swimming, playing & doing retrieves with the dogs - good eats & fireworks, it was a really nice weekend. There was some drama with the teenagers, which served to remind most all of us how we'd never willingly be 16 years old again. I was super mellow, as was Suzy. One of my favorite memories of the weekend was seeing Suzy wade into the lake, just to mid-chest, and stand there, chillin'. I swam over to her and sat by her and petted her, and we had mellow times together. (Meanwhile, Polly was flipping out at every person splashing off the slide or diving board. OMG! SPLASH! I heard it! Do I need to fetch them?! Huh?!)

The dogs on the car ride back....
Hi! Helllooooo. We're Here! Are There Tater Tots?

We swung by Truman Dam on the way down - the floodwaters and accompanying logjam is tremendous.
All the gates were open:

A whoooole lotta wood:
Log Jam Above The Dam

View from above (the width is astonishing. There are huge slopes of rocks normally leading down to the water, and they're virtually covered completely.
Below the Dam

I got lots of knitting done - finished my Monkey Socks, and re-started the Mystery Stole #3.
Monkey Socks - Finished!
(sock blockers borrowed from Kristin - The Wo is going to make me some of my own!)

And a non-glamorous pic of me - I was just super duper relaxed, and it was a nice weekend. I had work drama that I left behind, and of course I'm getting back into the swing of it all today - but it was nice to have made up my mind the whole weekend to just not get wound up or worry about anything. It worked!
Summertime at the Lake


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