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Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's That?

You're going to the store?

Do we need any potatoes?




No. No, I think we're in good shape.

Bountiful Harvest

Summer on the Table


My lands. With the exception of the one white platter at the back of the photo, I picked all of these yesterday. One load in the morning, one load after work. And some green beans. I didn't have the energy to address the zuchs & cukes! Oh lord, and don't even start with the banana peppers. Speaking of which, should you, too, find yourself in a sea of extra banana peppers, slicing them in half & stuffing them with cream cheese or peanut butter makes for a loverly appetizer, and is a nice twist on the standard celery.

I've since processed some of the ripest & popped them in the dehydrator for more tomato confit.

And, in knitting news, I'm almost done with Clue #1 on the Mystery Stole. Never mind that Clue #4 came out yesterday! I'm hoping I read Harry Potter faster than I'm knitting this lace.....
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