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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ahhhhhh, Cuba.

I had lunch today at Cafe Cuba today, 4116 Broadway, and here's my report:

Very good. More expensive than I anticipated, but delicious and a welcome break from the standard lunch fare. I'd re-read the review in the Star, and made sure I ordered a Cubano Coffee, which was everything I hoped for and more - except I wished there could have been more. A small shot of sweet caffeinated loveliness, my dining companion mistook for a side of soy sauce. (Which seemed out of place to her, rightly so.) I had the #1, Steak Sandwich, she had the #3, Cuban Sandwich - which is similar to the #2 Cuban Sandwich, only more meats and cheeses. Her sandwich was huge! If I wasn't a reluctant mustard eater, I definitely would have made the same choice. My sandwich was flavorful, and the bread was delicious. The steak was a bit chewy at times, but the true star of the meal were the plantain chips that came with your sandwich. Every time I see plantain chips, I expect to taste banana, because of the resemblance, but of course they are more akin to a potato, and sliced thin & deep-fried - well, they make the common potato seem just that more ... common. Each of us spent around $11 for our meal - including beverage - which is perhaps more than the average sandwich costs for lunch, but then, you aren't getting an average sandwich. We ogled the pulled pork and rethought our choices, which we'd already ordered and paid for, because it looked to be a winner. That's what I'll try on my next visit.

Obviously the restaurant is not trying for any major ambiance - the furniture is reminiscent of a company break room, and laminated maps of Cuba and Cuban money serve as place mats. None of that is particularly important, but there was a strong cleaning product odor that irritated the senses and distracted from the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. If it hadn't been 90 degrees, we would have availed ourselves of the outdoor seating. It will take a couple more visits before I have a final rating, but for now, I'd give it 3.5 out of 5.

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