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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pimp My Shower

After all the drawn-out drama with the plumber, and not getting my shower fixed in time for my birthday, there was much celebrating (including special soap) once the shower was returned to its usable state.

Upon returning from Detroit, JWo informed me he had the perfect gift for my birthday, and this was it:

(stock photo, not my shower)

When I told someone at work, their not-so-tactful response was "Seriously?" And then I listed the things James told me that made it so perfect for me. Because he is right. I was a little surprised, because I've never even considered one of these things before, so where he'd gotten the idea kind of baffled me. But here is why:
1. My shower was cluttered, and I'm always trying to get organized, in every way.
2. I like to fill things up in other containers for dispensing. (Olive oil, soy sauce, dish soap, hand soap)
3. It came with LABELS (in four languages, no less) and I love to label things.

It was only later that I discovered it had HOOKS on it, too. It is the greatest thing ever. And I pointed out, it funnels right in to my obsessive-compulsive side, because I get to COUNT the number of times I push the buttons for shampoo, conditioner & shower gel. (Six times needed for shampoo, seven for conditioner. I do this with my face wash, too. (Four times.))

So then I was mightily irritated by my shower curtain. Namely the billowing-in and sticking-to-me part. A little research showed that Linens-N-Things (Napkins-N-Crap, I still love that commenter's nickname for it!) carries a guaranteed-not-to-billow shower liner. And my original shower curtain had these pretty tone-on-tone white leaves on an opaque background, but none of the leaves survived a trip through the washing machine. So I got this shower curtain to go with the non-billowing liner:
(OK, I can't find it in silver, so here's the gold, but mine is silver, which is actually more clear with a silvery sheen. It actually refracts light at the right time of day, so I get rainbows. Rainbows! Bonus!)

Then I got some super-duper suction hooks, and voila! My organization and style sensibilities are delighted. My shower is now only missing a neon light ring around the top, and since the whole "electricity/water" thing isn't really healthy, I'm willing to live without a true discotheque aesthetic.
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