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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday, I left work an hour early. Yes! I have my priorities right in order. However, in my defense, I was feeling ok and then I plunged into worse-by-the-minute as the day strode on, so I figured I better just give it up and get out. Oddly enough, the cold medicine had the opposite effect it was supposed to. Jittery, followed by stupor. Apparently the daytime formula for the CVS brand just packs all the "awakeness" into the first five minutes of the meds and then completely stops.

This week? Is kinda crazy. I think I said that yesterday. But I am on row #178 of the MS3, which in its abbreviation reminds me of all those Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans and their MST3 lingo. And that reminds me of Dr. Who, who had quite the scarf. Knitted. It's all connected. Trust me.

I just called the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Thrift Store division (try finding the right phone number for THEM, I defy you to do without at least one wrong call first) to inquire why they hadn't taken our donations yesterday. The lady was extremely nice, and someone's coming tomorrow, but she did tell me to call right away next time. I spared her the long explanation of being a space cadet and doped up on store-brand meds.

So in my scattered, oddball way (I'm not taking ANY cold meds today), I give you my philosophy on Clean Sheets.

I love clean sheets. Especially in the first, oh, three days. There's just something delicious and soothing and crisp about sliding your feet and legs around in clean sheets. Preferably high thread count, sateen optional. I had this insane imagery the other night, after we'd changed out the sheets - that the anticipation I had for climbing into bed was like being served a gorgeous piece of puff pastry, browned and golden, buttery gloss reflecting the light, and you don't know what it's filled with - fruit? cheese? meat? (Mmmm, meat.)But you know it will be delicious, no matter what. I digress. Anyway, I get a little nuts about fresh sheets, and I don't recommend eating pastries in bed because that ruins the magic lickety-split.

OK. My boss just asked me to show up and drink a beer. He recognizes the madness around us, and for that, I'm grateful. If not just in a bit of a stupor, given that I asked him if we could do it sooner, and the time he'd suggested is four minutes away.

Really. I'll surface once this cold's gone.
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