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Monday, August 06, 2007


I don't know if that's really a category in cooking? But it's what this town is set to right now. Broast! It's a cross between broil and roast and it ain't good. I am completely in Mole People Mode. Retreat to cool and dark places, STAT!

It was a rough-ish weekend. To be expected. Way too much time in my head, spinning and swirling and obsessing and calculating outcomes and imagining scenarios and attempting on some level to predict the future. I watched a LOT of movies as distraction, and also did a lot of knitting. Perhaps, if it's possible, too much. This morning, my hands felt like they were seized up into a caricature of bird claws. Ai! I claw your face off! Let's see, I watched "The Island" because Ewan McGregor is cute, and it was escapist sci-fi action. I kept thinking how pretty Scarlett Johannson is & then I'd remember she's trying to have a singing career and it ruined my admiration for her. Oy! Then I watched "The Black Dahlia", because apparently I am on an Scarlett kick, and that was pretty good, if a bit slow. I kept thinking the insane mother was Molly Shannon. Lessee. Then, to stave off a panic attack, I watched Reno 911!: Miami, which was rather dreadful, but Thomas Lennon in short pants can always get a guffaw here & there out of me. The best part was that they all actually swore, which of course they don't do on Comedy Central. The next movie was Zodiac, and that was really good. Because I :heart: true crime and Court TV and this movie took true crime and Jake Gyllenhal AND Robert Downey Jr. and stirred it all up with a whisk. Oh, and Chloe Sevigny was in it and I just can't separate her Big Love character from her anymore. And there was a Law & Order SVU marathon yesterday, and when all else fails, Court TV. Though I :did: discover in the upper digital tier two new channels worth watching (are you listening, Kyra?) Discovery Times, and Fox Reality - all Reality, Alll the time. Ohhhh yeah, Bad Boys Bad Boys!

Sunday morning I got up pretty early & went upstairs - cranked the a/c on - and sewed up the lining to a bag I'm teaching for the Studio: The Himalaya Tote. I struggle with sewing, in part because I like to sew for speed, and my goal is to get the sewing done as quickly as possible. This means I measure very quickly, and probably explains why I had extra fabric at the top. (At least there was extra, vs. not enough!) I lined the bag with a hot pink cotton batik print I'd gotten at Sarah's Fabrics in Lawrence, and did accent pockets with a gorgeous turquoise Dupioni silk square I'd also picked up there. I then decided I needed a tassel closure, and I made a big one, and knotted every end of the strands of yarn in the tassel. To prevent too much unraveling. Hi, OCD! I then crocheted a handy-dandy loop that the tassel tucks nicely through, and I think it makes the bag that much more zippy. I made the handles longer, and tacked the hell out of them - along with hand-sewing the entire lining in, even on the bottom, through the interfacing, so it wouldn't move around. I'm going to get it up to the Studio so I can hopefully inspire people to make it, and take the class if they want some help.

Himalaya Tote, natural lighting

Himalaya Tote - Finished!

Himalaya Tote - interior lining

That's it for a Monday! I'm waiting for a cold front that isn't even predicted yet. I like to live in the future.....especially when the setting on the here and now is "broast"!

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