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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Moment of Silence

She was a total beyotch, but upon learning, just moments ago, that Leona Helmsley had died, I gasped aloud. For all her bad stuffs, she was an icon. Here's my post from 2005 outlining my marginal obsession with her & her ads in the New Yorker when I was a child. Because I couldn't be normal and be obsessed with say, Farrah Fawcett or Daisy Duke as my role model. Nope. Not me. Queen of Mean and don't give me a wire hanger or I'll beat ya with it. Leona wouldn't stand for it, why should you?

(Yeah, I'm mixing icons, but you know Joan Crawford & Leona would have made a hell of a club-hopping duo. They sure as hell wouldn't need any ice for their drinks!)
Enjoy giving the devil his due, Queen Leo.
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