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Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Wiikend.

So, "wii" are going to be buying something "wii" tried out this "wiikend" and by now surely, you have guessed that it is a "Wii". Holy crap is that a kickass fun thang!

Our friend Roger has a system, and we all engaged in some bowling, and from there it led to trying all the sports out. I was sold when it came to boxing, and the Wo and I went up against each other. OMG! Virtually punching my husband in the face? Priceless! Of course, I spent too much time hitting him in the head & he got in all sorts of kidney punches & he knocked me out in no time. But we both broke a sweat & agreed it was a great fitness tool, and fun to boot! I somehow foster some unspoken belief that if you get closer to the television, it's like you're moving in closer to punch the hell out of your opponent. Good thing they have those straps on the remotes!

We'll need to wait a couple weeks to let the vacation expenditures settle, and of course there's the other challenge of actually FINDING a system, but it was darned fun. If listening to my husband collapse in laughter at my (in)ability to play tennis was ANY indication at all. (So what if I kept falling down? I have a MEAN backhand, dammit.)
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