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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am starting to see the appeal of putting a bucket on your head and running into walls.
I had a woman nearly sideswipe me tonight & at the sound of my horn, gave me a wave. I then encountered a woman on my street, driving alternately between 8 mph and 25 mph, and when I finally passed her, she was on the phone. I arrived home & informed my husband that if someone is so selfish that they have to get into the intersection as the light's changing & they have the back half of their car hanging out so an entire lane of traffic has to swerve into another lane of traffic just to get around them? They should be ticketed heavily. And perhaps dragged from their car and forced to watch barbershop quartets while I get to punch them in the nose whenever the urge strikes me. Given that I'd have to listen to the barbershop quartet as well, you can bet the urge would be striking me.

I haven't had so much road rage in one week - I'm wondering if the heat has just cooked people's brains, or with back-to-school in swing, more inexperienced drivers are out, or what in hell is going on. But I've had no less than three occasions this week where I've had to defensively swerve because someone abruptly has changed lanes, and seriously, I'm not in a blind spot, nor am I invisible. Perhaps if I put a bucket on my head, I would be.

Can Friday get here soon, please? Please? The forecast has been changed again & now it's dropped to -wait for it - 79 degrees. Right now that sounds downright chilly. I'm ready for Fall. I'm ready for normal. I'm ready to find my peace, ready to drive to work without incident, ready to relax. Crisp air, woolen knits, dusk bringing a chill, I'm just so ready. It'll be delicious when it gets here.
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