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Thursday, August 30, 2007


The next two days are going to be marathoners. I've got two plans due by tomorrow, and a presentation tomorrow afternoon (for a third plan), and today's full of meetings. I caught JWo's cold, so I'm also a bit bleary, but fortunately, his lasted all of three days, so I'm hoping mine follows the same timeline. It's not even a regular sort of cold, it's just a cough/sore throat with some congestion, but not the sort that feels like someone packed your brain in cotton. Which is good, because none of my clients want those cotton-padding plans!

I do sound like Kathleen Turner, doing the voice-over for a cartoon frog. And my lungs feel like I've just run a half mile (15 yards) as fast as I possibly could - the searing/burning sensation - it's sweepin' the nation.

I am excited about a small project that my buddies in the design department are working on - our department went out on Monday & took some wacky pictures, and they're going to convert them into a Warhol-esque, enormous photo quad that will go behind my desk in my new office. The current artwork there contains a montage of numerous clients, most of whom are old & aren't there anymore, and it needs updating. I got the idea last week, and couldn't stop laughing, so I guess I was able to convince my boss (who will also be in the quad) and the head designer to have some fun with the idea.

In the interim, here's what messing around with one of my photos looks like. You can see why I'll have this BEHIND me. :)


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