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Friday, August 31, 2007

Road Show

My boss & I do a pretty good job of working together; today, we had to do a new business pitch, and it was mostly him, with me playing the trusted role of "Sidekick", something I feel very confident doing. And I'm grateful to only have to be the sidekick when my head's stuffed up and I need five minutes to cough surreptitiously. Well, I like to pretend nobody's noticing the big girl hack up a lung. You should, too. It's far more polite.

Now, one thing I've learned in all these long, stressful, whacked-out years, is that you WAIT to say anything until you are safely ensconced back in the car, doors shut. And I grinned as we went down the stairs and then once we were safely in his car, I said, "OK. My favorite moment? When you were presenting? And it was like Little Miss Sunshine in the background."

Because outside the building we were in, somebody was PISSED OFF and randomly honking their horn or something at irregular intervals for at least fifteen minutes. Like, COME ON Mitzi, you said you'd get off at 3:30 so we could get a jump on traffic, where the HELL are you, come ON! And it was that same keening, pissy wail of a horn like the VW bus in the movie. Gahd. If I hadn't had such a head cold, it would have been a bigger struggle not to giggle.

My other favorite moment was seeing him NOT take a header on the electrical cord that was coming straight up out of the floor, creating a treacherous loop. It was seeing him deftly maneuver around it that convinced me to stay seated at all times, because if you know me, I am :not: grace defined. I can take a header on low-pile carpet, and I even have a pair of beloved Doc Martens I've affectionately dubbed "Take A Header" shoes, given the number of times I've lurched and nearly fallen down in them. (First time I wore them? Bit it completely in a parking lot. But that time I bounced back up and kept walking just like an Olympic skater who wants you all to think, "Did I just see that?" Anyway, I was grateful he didn't fall down because that WOULD have been really awkward for all of us. Plus I didn't want to have to carry him down the stairs. There are just boss-employee lines none of us want to cross.

Well, here we are, it's Friday night, the week is over, there are three lovely long luscious days stretched out at my feet, I'm 12 rows from being done with MS3, so that will get blocked this weekend, and I'm going to finish James' socks as well, oh my! I'm just going to be a whirling dervish of Finish It Up! Maybe I'll even get some of the sewing done that stands between me & a couple knitted bags that need linings. And I'll get rid of the head cold, and I'll process some more tomatoes, and next week... next week will be SEPTEMBER! Which means we're destined to leave these brutally hot days behind us, and when I look back on everything that's happened in July & August, there are some things I'm ready to leave behind to bake away in the dry heat and turn to dust...... Happy long weekend for those of you who get it, and I will return with pictures of all these finished objects!

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