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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dear Fall,

Hello! How are you? We thought you would be here by now. In fact, one of your pieces of luggage arrived a week or so ago, and we got very excited. We changed the sheets in the guest room, tidied up the clutter in bathroom & fluffed your pillow, just so sure you'd be on our doorstep at any moment, to stay for your usual duration of a few months. We even started to think about knitting on things that are larger than a loaf of bread, such was the anticipation and excitement.

Sadly, and you know you are my favorite of the seasons, so I tell you this in confidence, your idiot brother Summer showed back up, and has not only eaten all the cheese (and I mean the GOOD cheese), potato chips and popsicles, he has been sleeping on the couch, leaving the toilet seat up, not turning off the lights when he leaves a room, and in general, being a veritable nuisance. Not to mention all the sweating. It's the end of September, he has far overstayed his welcome, and I've left NUMEROUS messages with his mother (Nature) and she seems to be avoiding my calls.

So, dear, please get here as soon as you can, because we are anxious for the autumnal color show you put on, and the crisp evenings and the soup-making. Summer has got to go! Anything you can do to speed that up would be greeeeeat.

Much love,
posted by PlazaJen, 4:51 PM