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Thursday, September 20, 2007

DING! Fries are done.

Holy smackerel! We're busy at work! But, I at least got the go-ahead to hire an entry-level person, and even though we'd face the time-eating hurdle of training someone? It means there's another person in here & they can take some of this stuff on, off our respective plates, and free us up to do more work.... It's just been wacky! I am glad that we're busy, because not busy is dreadfully boring and a mind-numbing grind. It just feels like the days slip through my fingers & I look at the clock and it's 4:00 .... with so much left to do!

Looking ahead, to non-work-related adventures, we are excited about being meat & side dish judges at the American Royal in a couple of weeks. We're waiting for our tickets/info packets, and I am already feeling the pressure I felt as a juror, the need to adhere strictly to the rules, as I take my responsibility very seriously. So much so I have to keep reminding myself, "This is for FUN, Jennifer, FUN, don't forget!" Then we have James' MWA banquet the second weekend in October, and at some point I become a WW (Waterfowl Widow). Which is when all those tv shows get watched! :)

I did finish the knitting on the Baby Surprise Jacket last night, coming :just: short of enough of the Artyarns, but I switched in some Cascade 220 I had on hand, in a lovely complementing purple, and reserved just enough (like, by 6") Artyarns to finish the sweater as trim & bind off. I purchased some buttons at lunch, and they are a nice olive-green. I'll sew them on, but rather temporarily, so I can switch them as needed for the recipient, once we know if he's a she or a he (you know what I mean.)


I'm off to collapse, preferably face-first into some Vietnamese food & a cocktail. Better odds of absorption if I go face-first.


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