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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It Would Help With The Laundry Situation.....

I like the fact that my boss & I can argue & disagree and it doesn't turn into WWIII. However, he also possesses the ability to send me straight UP crazy in a reaction, when he's only kidding. I know a certain other someone who has actually perfected the art of this, and we share pillows. The Wo says it's great fun to get a reaction out of me, and I had to wonder if the same boy-humor was afoot this afternoon. Of course I wondered this after I'd begun spluttering!

See, BossMan and I disagreed about the solution to a problem, and if you know anything about me, you know that I will not even realize my heels are dug in until the water has risen above my kneecaps. Terrier Tenacious J. I am stub-born. And somewhat principled, and argumentative and not one to shy away from a tussle. I really should have gone straight on to law school, so I could get riled up every day like this, and get paid for it, and then keel over dead at the age of 42. A life lived, I say. (just kidding!) Thankfully, Bossman :is: married to a lawyer and he recognized the impasse (while I was busy creating picket signs and barking about precedent and my logic) and proposed I execute the solution both ways and only later did I realize I now had MORE work to do. But I was heard, and we will discuss it further and I am already at the point where I don't care which one wins (well, 15% of me still does, but that will fade, like the 80% before it.) I just Need to be Heard, I think. I am a Roman Candle, and usually burn brightly and fall back to earth, tired and ready for dinner, and no longer needing to orbit the earth on fire. (Of course, there are a few instances when the terrier would not let go and we were on more of a NASA mission, and the common thread in those cases happened to be I Been Done Wrong. I don't let go of that so easily.)

So I am tired, it's been a hectic wonky day, and the American Royal is coming up this weekend, and I'm nervous about judging "Side Dishes" because that really covers a W-I-D-E breadth of food, and even if you're judging things you hate, you have to ask yourself, "But is this the best Mustard Spam Salad I :could: eat?" Mmmmm. I feel a little more comfortable with the meat judging (that's on Sunday), but will have to remember you can end up eating 6 pounds of meat if you actually eat the portions you're given. This is all starting to feel like a crazy barbecue-slathered Roman feast. Roman candle, Roman feasting, I should just wear a toga the rest of the week and call it a theme. And how sweet that would be, as I'm behind on laundry and need to get some done if I'm going to continue to show up for work in a state that's acceptable. There is no laundry sport game on the Wii, and I must admit, that's a design flaw. Or maybe I just need to put down the Wiimote and get some laundry done.... Sigh. I'd rather argue. Or knit. I'll give you knitting updates soon, because there ARE some!

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