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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

I just got the mental image of flipping through channels on TV, you know, but slower than most men go. Like you actually hear some exchange of dialog, process the faces and setting and action, and then you "click!" move on to another channel.

Round these parts? It's been "click!" from one action-drama-filled channel to the next. Seems like every time I look up at the screen, there's another tense or stress-filled situation or crazy request or insane deadline or drama drama drama! And then you accidentally hit a button that takes you to the Zen Channel Pack and "click!" you find yourself panting and twitching and looking around worriedly while Zamfir's magical pan flute music floats around you and lotus flowers blossom in time-elapse photography. And you go, "Wha?" and you reach for your guns but instead there are big squishy marshmallowy pillows, and you react like you've been burned with a hot poker.

Don't get me wrong. I'd never, ever, trade in my life for a flatlining routine. But sometimes the absolute craziness, followed by all white and peace and nothingness - well, it freaks a gal out a bit. I raced around today, and even a week ago, thought I was starring in my own personal horror movie, racing against the Goblins of Time and then the screeching to a halt somehow happened and I'm blinking, looking around (mistrustfully, mind you!), wondering what on earth has just happened.

Oh and yeah, I screwed up three cables in that scarf? About 6" in. So I'm totally fu-barred and have to rip it way back. Sigh. There's a low! We're not in Zen Quietude anymore!


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