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Friday, October 19, 2007

Shop Til Ya Drop...or Nap.....

I took today off - yesterday was super hectic with work, and some of it came out of preparing for a long weekend. But I'm not sure how relaxing things are going to be for me - I made a list of everything I wanted to do (and some are "need" to do...) and holy smokes, it might take me until November to get it all done!

Today, I spent the first half of the day in a madcap dash through Overland Park, starting at Joann's, then hitting the Holiday Mart, which is a big shopping fundraiser run by the Junior League. I could only take about an hour of that stuff - there were 200 vendors and a lot of "stuff" and a lot of people wandering and stopping directly in front of you. I did have amazing parking karma, though I thought two women were going to shoot me because I scored it and they didn't. Yipes! It's a cutthroat world at the OP Convention Center... After that, I went to Michael's and Whole Foods. I managed to get an hour nap in before JWo came home, and we had a yummy stir fry for dinner.

Tripper is still here; James has had a couple friends who've been interested, but their wives put the kebosh on it. Bummer. I've still got mixed-up feelings about him - he's a wonderful, awesome puppy who is a fast learner - but he's a boy (yes, I'm that prejudiced, I love girl dogs) and this was completely unplanned. There's just sooooo many things that go into raising & training a well-behaved dog, and it requires constant vigilance - it's a lot of work! But I also know that I don't want some stranger who'd outside-kennel him to have him, either. (I'm not a block of ice, I've done a pretty good job in 6 days of conditioning him to be affectionate & loving!)

Tomorrow has its own list of shopping & errands and things I want/need to do.... I think as long as I get a nap in consistently, it'll all work out, the list and the puppy and the to-do's.

Naps are the new black.
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