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Friday, November 09, 2007

1 Shoe, 2 Shoe, Black Shoe, Brown Shoe...

I left the house wearing all black, my Lady Eleanor, and prepared to enjoy my day off, with a pedicure, a little bit of shopping, and then back home to knit & wait for the cable guy while monitoring the siding guys working on the house. (It's all Fences and Siding and Greenhouse and Home Improvements here at the NuWo household!)

I enjoyed my pedicure, as always, (Russian Navy toes!) and teetered over to a chair afterwards, while Nancy, the greatest technician there, toted my shoes & my wrap. And that's when I saw my choice of footwear. Same shoe! Same style. (Bina leather mules, Target, they're sooo comfy). Not the same color. Because I'd loved the black ones so much, and at such a great price, I bought a second pair in brown. And had sailed out the door with one of each color on my feet. I felt horrified. Then I desperately thought, "Maybe? Maybe people with think it's cool. Like kind of eccentric, but still, like maybe a TREND. Yeah." None of that helped, btw. And fortunately, the Doc Marten sandals that had killed my feet after two days of non-stop wearing were still in the trunk, so I switched my mismatched footwear for matched (albeit heavy) sandals.

And let this be a lesson for all, to exercise caution while dressing in a darkened room.

Unless you think it's crazysexycool and are going to carry the trend forward, and then I'd like to claim my spot at the forefront of that trend.


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