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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Knitted Items!

Well, I've felt a little like a knitting machine the past couple of weeks. I've been posessed to do this crazy thing: finish what I've started, and wait to start new things! What UP with that???

In any event, I finished my Clapotis, along with a simple scarf knitted from handspun given to me by Kristin, and am about halfway through the Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style. I also am nearly done with a goofy hat for JWo for duck season, just gotta attach the "googly eyes".... more on that one later. ;)

Pictures! Pictures!

Clapotis, Clapotis!

Handspun Scarf:
Handspun Scarf

The Completed Lady Eleanor:
Lady Eleanor, Completed!

The colors in this are a bit more muted in real life - I also did a unique fringe, making strands of i-cord, tacking them on the bottom & to each other. The idea was to mimic the overlapping effect of the entrelac.

After Vintage Velvet, I'm going to start on a new Einstein jacket soon.....ran out of yarn on the first one & in a fit of pique, decided to just begin new yarn from Elann in a cranberry-wine color. Pretty!

That is your knitting update!
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