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Monday, October 03, 2005

Apples, Drinks & the Puffy Taco


We went to Weston on Saturday, for their annual Apple Festival. On the way up, we met at Mike & Gordon's, where our start got delayed when someone spilled their drink in the carpooling process. (I was laughing because I heard Gordon say, "DRAMA!" and I knew we were delayed.) So JWo drove around & around the cul-de-sac, like a spinning teacup, until I shrieked "ENOUGH!"

Weston is an adorable little town, lots of classic storefronts & shops, plus vendors & artists in the streets. Opting for a shuttle, we boarded a big yellow schoolbus that dropped us off a block or so from the start of the action. This becomes important at the end of the story.

Traipsing about, we ended up in an Irish pub, minus Roger, who was antiquing. We had awesome food & beer, Roger joined us, and then we roamed the vendor booths & people-watched. And then? We proceeded to eat even more. EVEN MORE. It was the sharing that made it seem "ok". An apple dumpling. A bottle of root beer. Suddenly, we're each eating what was, quite possibly, the best ear of corn ever. OOF.

This man had built his own mini-hay-baler. They had them in two sizes, and it was fascinating to watch.

We waddled up the hill to catch our shuttle back, and you'd think, ok, we're in this small town, it'll be a short zip-zap back to the school where we left the car. But noooooo. We ended up driving probably 8 miles out of town, because that's the way the road went, and there was no place to turn around. Cornfields, hayfields, ponds..... it started to feel a little scary-movie-esque. I was in the seat right behind the driver, and all the boys were in the back. After two drop-offs (and we're still not at ours), I turned around and said, "I have to sit behind the driver because I've been BAD." That cracked 'em up. It did feel oddly familiar....

Anyway, we got to the car 15 minutes later, and parted ways (we went on to a banquet, more on that later). BUT! I forgot the funniest part, which was on the drive, before you get to the airport? There's a restaurant called PUFFY TACO. And that, dear friends, is why we have focus groups. Though I bet their t-shirts are funny.....
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