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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Taste of Memories

All this reminiscing about college & I'm suddenly craving "Scotties" which were a drink specialty of a restaurant at Grinnell. Shocking news, but I was quite chummy with the bartender, a behomth of a woman and foul-tempered, but I've always had a knack with (most) people & she liked me - thus assuring that I was never carded. We'd sit at the bar & get pitchers of Scotties & order french fries to keep us from completely falling off our perch. I can still see the french fries they served: crinkle-cut & never fried to a full crisp.

A pitcher of Scotties consisted of regular ol' beer (Bud? Pabst? The Beast?), tequila, and Rose's lime juice. It sounds really weird but holy toledo they were good. I'm totally making them soon. I'm not sure why they were called "Scotties" because they were neither Scottish nor similar to a short black dog. I've never seen them served anywhere else, either, and the Longhorn restaurant is long gone. A perfunctory Google search yielded nothing, except a lot of margarita recipes. If I perfect the recipe, I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, tonight, think of me & my oh-so-glamorous life: I believe I'm getting a meet & greet with ........drumroll........... Tony Danza. At the American Royal, so don't think it's fancy or nothin'. Yes, the girl who was raised without television, and never saw an episode of "Who's the Boss?" will stand in line to say howdy and have my husband take my picture with him. I guess I did see him in "Taxi" re-runs, but I remembered all the other characters more, and was chastised at knit night for my faulty memory. Damn Andy Kaufman & Christopher Lloyd for being so much more memorable!!! I promise, this celebrity encounter will not involve me losing my mind & telling him I've had a sex-change operation, like I did with Bryan Adams. And Kristin's Mom has already given me an ultimatum: if I have the opportunity to get his autograph & don't? My Frango Mint Underground Railroad is gonna get SHUT DOWN. She also wants me to tell him she hates his hair (I guess he is looking for a new hairstyle b/c a 63 year-old woman told him his hair's bad), but I'm a little too Midwest-polite to pass that along. I'd rather share obscene lies about myself......
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