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Thursday, August 04, 2005

And Then, I Told Bryan Adams That I'd Had A Sex-Change Operation.

Oh yes, you read that right!

Kristin has the charge of recapping the private luncheon & intimate accoustical concert with Bryan Adams. I will just say that he was really good, the lights were dim, there were candles and it was kind of startling to be in a mini-version of MTV Unplugged, if only for 30 minutes. Disconcerting to be among women who were crying, though. But good for them, I'm sure it was a dream come true.

The music ended, and then Bryan (we're close now, I'm going with the first-name only) sat at a table & signed things. Because we were at a "reserved" table, we were given a CD. Good thing! I was only half-joking when I said I'd have him sign my boob. Then, someone else gave me their CD, so we thought we'd get it signed & bring it back for Cap'n Jim, our boss, the best boss EVER. So we're standing there at the table, and there's little Bryan (he is a very small man) and I am behind a SuperFan. She is about to pass out from the excitement. She set her camera down, and I offered to take a picture of her & Bryan, cool dude that he is, told her to come behind the table for a side-by-side head shot. She would've had an orgasm but that would've taken too much time.

Anyway, then it was my turn & I gave him the first CD & said, "To Jim". He's writing away, and then one of the host/handler people is falling all over herself asking if he'd rather have a silver sharpie, they got him one, and (because I apparently feel like I should touch all of the celebrities I meet, I put my hand on Martha Stewart's shoulder last year) I grab his little bicep (lightly, he's little, remember) and say, "Are you high-maintenance, Bryan?" And he (very sincerely) says, "NO! No, not at all, now who should I do the second one too?" And I say, "To Jennifer!" And now I start babbling and feeling like I am a Speedy Wit but it's all in very slow-motion. "I don't answer to Jim anymore. Not since the operation." Bryan's head shoots back up with a puzzled look. "You know. The operation from Jim to Jennifer. Well, No. I mean, I really DIDN'T. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" And I hear peals of Kristin laughter behind me and TO HIS CREDIT, Bryan Adams looks at me (and my bosoms) and says, "Well, it was VERY successful." (and for the record, he did not BELIEVE ME, but I would also wager he thought I was flippin' INSANE.) As we staggered away, I said to Kristin, "Did I really just tell Bryan Adams that I'd had a sex-change operation? OH MY GOD!"

Mmmmhmm. CLASSY. That's me!
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