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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pretty Polly

My dog, Miss Polly, has had to adjust to the recent marathon of Dog Whisperer viewing in the house, and the resulting behavior change in her human (me). After all, Cesar Millan trains people, too. So I've been a bit firmer with her and less permissive, but she still tries to revert back to Happier Times and do what she wants. (I mean, it's understandable - who doesn't?)

She does have a "tell" (see, this lingo is the byproduct of having to watch weekends of poker tournaments) when she knows she shouldn't be doing something. And it's flat-out adorable, of course. She squints. Like if she almost shuts her eyes, nobody will notice she's trying to climb up on top of you like a Shi Tzu. I finally realized why JWo thinks Renee Zellweger's hot. (Except I don't. Because squinting from a dog is hilarious and cute. Squinting from an adult woman says "I need sunglasses" or "I am a simpering idiot." I digress. Again.)

So I give you another pic of my sweet squinty Polly, who will undoubtably try to get away with something this weekend, probably in the next 5 minutes....

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